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BT Young Scientist 2018

This year we were delighted to have 3 projects accepted into the BT Young Scientist Competition in Dublin. The students are writing their account to let us know how they are progressing in the competition. 

“Our names are Conor, Finn and Pierce. We are currently in second year. We were over the moon to find out just before midterm break that the project we had been working on had been accepted into the BT Young Scientist Competition. Our project is “To Determine at What Age and to What Extent Teenagers Modify Their Diet When They Get Involved in Competitive Sports“. We have been working on it since September and have surveyed over 500 secondary school students. 

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We set off early on Wednesday morning (very, very early!) with our teacher, Ms Hanlon, and 3 other second year students, project books on our laps, ready to quiz each other as we made our way to Dublin. We arrived at the RDS and took a few moments to take in the sea of projects in front of us. We got ourselves set up and ready for judging. We were lucky to be interviewed by RTÉ online during the morning. This helped us get over our nerves as we waited for our first judge. With a little more help from Ms. Hanlon we were ready to answer any question they had for us. Before we knew it we had the first judging complete and were looking forward to the next two. 


Later we went to Funderland to relax after our first day of competition. After flying around on so many rides that we lost count it was time to head home and get ready for the next day when the competition would be open to the public as well as the judges. We can only hope that the rest of the days will be as great as the first.”

Conor, Finn and Pierce. 2nd year

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