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Learning Support

Optimised learning experiences for all

The Learning Support Unit (LSU) in the College aims to provide, as far as practicable, support and guidance for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to optimise their learning experience. The primary role of the LSU is to ensure that pupils with SEN are provided for in a fair and equitable manner.

The team of six dedicated resource and learning support teachers are located in a designated area, designed specifically to meet the needs of pupils with SEN.

All pupils with SEN follow the College’s curriculum and are challenged to meet their full learning potential. In accordance with best practice, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are set up for every pupil who is in receipt of resource teaching, wherein their strengths and needs are identified, and strategies are put in place to meet the targets of the pupil. 

Collaborative team work is used to promote the development of positive partnership with parents and other relevant personnel, to ensure that parents are informed of their child’s special educational needs and to monitor how these needs are being met.

The College community promotes a supportive, positive and inclusive environment where all students are valued and respected.


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