Rugby was first played in Pres in the 1880s and one of the earliest extant photographs shows a Cork City Schools cup-winning team in 1902. Early in the 20th century the Munster Schools Junior and Senior Cups were inaugurated and over the years Pres has done well in both competitions.

Pres has won 28 Munster Senior Schools Cups.
Pres has won 29 Munster Junior Schools Cups.

Pres has produced 26 Irish Senior Internationals as well as a host of Munster players and members of various representative sides. Four "Pres Boys" have been selected for the Lions. Tom Kiernan (1962 & 1968), Jerry Walsh (1966), Michael Kiernan (1983), Ronan O' Gara (2001 & 2005).

Tom Kiernan captained Ireland 24 times and captained the Lions in South Africa in 1968. Tom Kiernan coached Ireland and also the Munster team that defeated the All Blacks in 1978. Another Pres boy, Donal Canniffe, captained Munster that day. In 1975 three Pres boys played on the first Irish Schools team; Moss Finn, Jim Bowen and Brian Clifford. These were the first of many Pres boys to play for the Irish schools team.

Past pupils have continued over the years to encourage and nurse Pres rugby. Amongst the many past pupils who have coached pres teams were Pat and Des Barry, Fin Harrington, Noel Elliot, Fin Pope, Mick O' Sullivan, Paddy Attridge, Greg O' Sullivan, Bernie Shaughnessy, Paul McCarthy and Ian O' Leary as well as Martin "Buster" Lawton and Declan Kidney.  As yet another Pres boy, Edmund van Esbeck, wrote: "The school on the Mardyke by the banks of the lovely Lee has reason to be proud of what its former pupils have given to Munster and to Ireland."

Congratulations - Peter O’Mahony

Presentation Brothers College is delighted to learn of the appointment of past pupil Peter O’Mahony as captain of the British & Irish Lions for the first test match against New Zealand on 24th June, 2017.

The Board of Management, Staff, Students, and wider Pres community wish Peter all the best and congratulate him on this huge honour.

International Players

1. C. Teehan 1939
2. J.C. Corcoran 1948
3. A. O' Leary 1952
4. T. Nesdale 1961
5. M.J. Cunningham 1955-1956
6. Sean Quinlan 1956-1958
7. M. O' Callaghan 1962-1964
8. T.J. Kiernan 1960-1972
9. B. McGann 1969-1973
10. J.C. Walsh 1960-1967
11. D. Canniffe 1978
12. J. Bowen 1978
13. M. Finn 1978-1983
14. M. Kiernan
15. R. Keyes
16. M.J. Bradley
17. P. McCarthy
18. K. O' Connell
19. B. O' Meara
20. P. Stringer
21. R O' Gara
22. F. Sheahan
23. M. O' Driscoll
24. A. Horgan
25. P. O'Mahony
26. S. Zebo
27. N. Scannell

Munster Junior Schools Cup Wins and Captains

1933 P. Barry
1944 J. Graydon
1945 A. O' Leary
1946 J. Daly
1951 D. O' Connell
1954 J. Walsh
1957 G. Collins
1960 W. O' Lehan
1963 T. Murphy
1964 B. McGann
1965 P. Dineen
1966 R. Feely
1973 I. Shorten
1976 K. Cooper
1977 G. O' Sullivan
1979 P. Dineen
1980 D. Hyland
1983 B. Howell
1984 M. O' Halloran
1985 A. Neville
1986 D. O' Driscoll
1988 G. O' Reilly
1992 R. O' Gara
1995 J. Sheahan
2000 B. Keeshan
2002 S.Cronin
2007 N. Scannell
2009 J. Fitzgerald
2014 J. O' Shea

Munster Senior Schools Cup Wins and Captains

1918 C. Nolan
1919 C. Haly
1927 T. O' Driscoll
1932 H. O' Sullivan
1934 P. Barry
1939 D. Attwood
1945 D. Coughlan
1946 N. Nunan
1947 A. McHale
1952 T. Nesdale
1953 P. Crowley
1957 J.C. Walsh
1958 F. McCarthy
1965 T. Murphy
1966 B. McGann
1969 E. Daly
1975 M. Finn
1978 G. Madden
1981 R. Clarke
1987 K. O' Connell
1991 J. Kenefick
1992 T. O' Connell
1993 J. Murray
1995 R. O' Gara
1996 T. Cahill
2005 S. Cronin
2007 S. Deasy
2009 D. O Mahony & N. Scannell
2017 J. O'Sullivan


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