Chaplaincy imageThe school Chaplain is Mr. Liam Lynch. Chaplaincy is about people – not structures, programmes, and tasks. It is a ministry of presence, listening and availability to staff, students and their families in all circumstances of our life journey. This is fulfilled through modelling a religious lifestyle; listening to and talking through life issues with members of the school community; participating in other pastoral care events and processes; linking those in need with other support agencies – inside and outside the school. The chaplain contributes to the spiritual life of the school by providing opportunities for prayer and reflection, retreats, liturgies, and celebration of the sacraments.

"In the strength of our tradition we must strive:

  • to proclaim afresh the power of God's healing love;
  • to defend the values of family life;
  • to promote reconciliation and unity;
  • to respond to the needs of the poor;
  • to sanctify life, especially that of our youth."

    (Constitution 52, Presentation Brothers)

Chaplaincy Office Tel: 021 4251821

Tel: 021 4272743


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